What population does the Relaxation Room, LLC serve for massage therapy?  

  • The Relaxation Room, LLC works with healthy clients wanting to relax as well as clients on the road to improved health, recovering from injuries, surgeries and healing from cancer and its treatments.
  • New York State Law requires clients younger than 21 years of age to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who can provide consent for massage services and must remain present in the treatment room during the full session.


Is there a Cancellation/Late Arrival Policy?

  •   A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule all services.  As the Relaxation Room is reserved for your specific appointment time with your Therapist, this provides an opportunity for another client to utilize this time with the Therapist.  Appointments cancelled or rescheduled in less than 24 hours, including no-shows and appointments made and cancelled on the same day may be billed 30% of each service.  Late arrivals will result in a shortened appointment.


Can I walk-in and schedule a same day appointment?

  • Due to the specialized services provided by The Relaxation Room, LLC in office, off-site and personalized care we provide each client, we are unable to accommodate walk-in services at this time.  Same day appointments can be made via telephone when available by calling 914-573-4832.


What time should I arrive for my appointment?

  •  Consider arriving approximately up to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  This allows time to complete an intake form, consult with your Therapist and begin your relaxation process. 


What is the purpose of a health consultation prior to receiving a massage?

  • A health consultation helps your Therapist understand your goals for your session, short term and even long term goals for your health, wellness and physical activities.   It can aid your Therapist in selecting proper massage techniques, pressure and products to tailor your session for your needs.  It can also help your Therapist determine if massage is appropriate for you at that particular time.
  • The health consultation is free and usually conducted 10 minutes prior to your massage session. 
  • It can be helpful to review or complete the Intake form prior to arriving for your consultation and massage, along with questions you may have for your Therapist
  • For clients that prefer to complete the Intake form in the office we have copies available.


What health information should I discuss with my Therapist?

  •  You should notify your Therapist of any allergies to foods, medications, etc.  (for example nuts, shellfish, sulfur), recent injuries, surgeries, and medical conditions that you've experienced within the past 3 to 12 months ( for example  pregnancy, ailments,  disabilities, bone fractures or breaks, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin sensitivities/conditions etc. ).
  • You should also notify your therapist of any chronic medical conditions experienced longer than 12 months that may limit your ability to function or cause you discomfort.


  I have a disability.  Is there an elevator?

  •  Our office is located in a multi-level building.  There is no elevator access. If you cannot access our office due to a disability, we may, when appropriate, offer mobile massage service or refer you to another therapist or facility.    A telephone consultation and visit to your location may be requested to confirm your space will accommodate a massage table and or needed accessory equipment.


Will I be refused a massage because I have a medical condition?  What if I just say I have no medical conditions? 

  • Your Therapist relies on your honesty and openness in discussing your health in order to provide you the best services and care.  In many instances, when a medical condition is monitored and under physician treatment, massage can be safely performed. 


I recently had some medical issues.  Do I need 'Doctor's Approval/Medical Clearance' before I can schedule an appointment?

  • Your health and wellness is our highest priority. Some medical conditions may require physician authorization prior to treatment to confirm that massage services are recommended.  In some instances your Therapist or Physician may refer you to other health care professionals for services when appropriate.  Please keep in mind your safety and wellbeing are most important.


I'm not feeling well.  Should I keep my massage appointment?

  •  If you have a cold, fever, sore throat, chills, upset stomach (diarrhea), etc. rescheduling your appointment for a date when you're healthy is a must.  This protects: your personal health and healing process,  the well being of others, including other clients that may enter the office, especially with compromised immune systems and allows your Therapist to stay healthy and ready to serve all clients.


Does The Relaxation Room, LLC offer sensual services?

  •   The Relaxation Room, LLC is a Professional Therapeutic Massage Practice.  Please do not call seeking sensual or improperly draped services.  Any language or behavior deemed inappropriate by the therapist will result in the immediate termination of a session.


 How do I schedule and pay for my massage session?

  • Appointments may be scheduled via telephone: 914-573-4832, or by sending a message through the Contact page of this website as well.  Inquiries will be responded to ASAP.
  • A major credit card is required to hold all appointment(s).  Upon arrival you may pay for services with cash, gift certificate or a major credit card.