The Relaxation Room, LLC

Massage therapist treating a client.


 Healing Work That Helps People Feel Better


Conveniently located in White Plains, New York, The Relaxation Room, specializes in reducing chronic head, neck, shoulder and back tension and pain that may arise from an old injury, physical activity (ex. from work or exercise) or mental/emotional stress that manifests in physical pain.  Working within your level of comfort each session is tailored to address physical limitations and pain to reduce tension, discomfort and stress.

Clinical based massage services are also available for both pediatric and adult oncology patients, pediatric and adult palliative and hospice care patients and caregivers; providing massage and or reiki therapy to help reduce anxiety, tension and discomfort.  The Relaxation Room, LLC is licensed to provide massage services throughout the tri-state area and regularly provides services in the White Plains office, client’s homes or in healthcare facilities when appropriate.  Due of the multiple locations served and specialized services offered, all sessions are by appointment only.


Whether your goal is general relaxation from the daily stresses of life, or relief from chronic tension and pain, The Relaxation Room, LLC has the expertise to tailor each massage session to your needs. 



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