The Relaxation Room, LLC is a private massage therapy practice available by appointment.  All services are tailored to the specific needs, limitations and comfort level of each client.

Unlike many large spa and gym settings that may seem intimidating and overwhelming; The Relaxation Room, LLC is a small, casual, client focused massage and wellness practice committed to helping you succeed with your wellness goals.  Spending at least an hour a week receiving a therapeutic massage is a commitment to improving and maintaining muscle happiness!   Muscle happiness can translate into an improved quality of life.

The Relaxation Room, LLC is here to help. While we offer specialized massage therapy to help reduce chronic upper body muscle tension of the neck, shoulders and back; we also offer :

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage  - for clients seeking to relax from daily life stresses and activities and

Medical Massage  - for clients under the care of a physician for which massage is indicated to treat a specific condition. 

I look forward to discussing how I can help you create your Muscle Happiness Goals and help you succeed.

Wishing You Good Health & Wellness from your Muscle Happiness Expert!

The Relaxation Room, LLC